Intuitive Drawings- Digital Copies Black and White

by Barbara J Kelleher

5x7 Photo in 8x10 Mat


While studying Auracature Art with Sterling Sinclair I began drawing these intuitive drawings. These are raw copies of the original intuitive drawings without any enhancement. They are powerful meditation pieces. I hope you enjoy them.   

Healing with Crystals

Healing with Crystals... this comes up often in healing work. Especially in when healers are just starting out, usually we are looking for something to boost the energy amplify or speed up the healing process. I am asked by students if I use crystals when working with clients... I do in very specific scenarios, if the client is a healer and uses crystals, yes. if they have knowledge of crystals, yes. There are a couple other reason I would as well (we talk about that in class). I almost always offer clients crystals after a session (also covered in class).
Today I want to share how to start working with crystals. I suggest starting with Clear Crystal Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst. I suggest these three crystals because they are gentle and subtle for the most part… now don’t mistake that for not being powerful these crystals can be very powerful and most useful.
With all crystals I use I have his process of spending time with them that way I know how they feel how they affect me and how I can best use them. It sounds funny but it is like building a relationship with them you have to get to know their attributes. We can attune ourselves to the crystal which allows us to use each one in a most effective way.
Let’s begin, start with clear quartz this will likely be a staple in your crystal “tool box” it is a amazing amplifier…. (That is all I will tell you about it you will discover the rest by working with it.) Find a piece that you are attracted to and Clear it. Now that you have your crystal meditate with it, keep it on your person, sleep with it and take notes. How is meditating with it different from without it. Sleeping; note the difference with and without how did you dream, did you dream? How is your awareness? Are you more aware less aware are things or situations more or less intense? Now in meditation ask to attune to the energies of the crystal and take note for a clearer understanding of your experience. Next; same process with the rose quartz and then with the amethyst and lastly in combination quartz and rose quartz together then quartz and amethyst etc.
I have been using crystals for over 20 years now and I still use this process when integrating a new crystal into my life. I have friends that are so good at attuning with the crystals that after holding one in their hands for a few moments can identify everything thing they need to know about it. With practice I think most people in our field come to do this easily. At the same time we have met crystal vendors and “crystal people” who we have enquired about a stone or crystal and they grab a book and look it up… books are great I love them, however when we are using something to change, manipulate or influence our energy our aura I think I want to know firsthand and not rely just on another person’s theory or experience.

Practical Uses for Reiki

Practical Uses of ReikiI sent Dawn (my healing partner aka partner in crime lol) a text this morning. I told her I have been thinking about adding a list of daily practical uses for Reiki and would she mind recording all the times she uses it today well the texts didn’t stop coming!!Parking SpacesSay a prayer and visualize using a Reiki symbol the day ahead of you visualize a parking spot in a convenient location to where you are going whether it’s one stop or many. Then send the energy forward with the symbol to make it so. This is one of the most commonly used practices among practitioners after healing of course.Food and DrinkEnergize your food and drink before eating it. You can also doing it while cooking. Use the abilities Reiki extends to choose fresh produce types of food even a good bottle of wine. Energize your water for drinking, bathing and watering.Reiki will enhance the flavor,

improve digestion and increase the absorption of nutrients.In and Out of the GardenWhile enjoying your garden or area for which you plan to plant sit comfortably breathe intentionally as you would for meditation and once you feel relaxed send energy to the garden with love and joy. Energize your planting soil with Reiki whether it is a garden plot, garden bed, field or pot of soil. Before planting energize your seeds or seedlings with Reiki.. Offer Reiki your plants regularly. Energize the water before watering your plants. Offering Reiki energy to your garden and plants or trees will help them grow and make you feel a little more connected to nature.Protecting Your Children and Loved OnesSay a prayer and visualize using a Reiki symbol requesting a safe journey and safe return.Keeping Negativity People AwayI don’t particularly like the term negative people however in this instance it is a term everyone can understand. Ok so here is the deal… Fill yourself everyday with healing energy, practice self healing daily, and keep yourself balanced. When you encounter another person and they talk to you listen to them…. Really listen… as they speak offer loving, caring compassionate energy to them as a nature of this practice you will encounter less and less negative people. We really can only be responsible for our own actions so choose actions that allow you to live a harmonious life; if that is what you want.Cleansing Your Home Using the Reiki symbols you can clear negativity from each room in your home office or workspace. This process will make the environment lighter the energy will feel more relaxing visitors will be at ease making company and family members feel welcome. In a work environment you will be more productive co works will feel at ease and this can promote better cooperation on projects and better team building.Sunburn, Insect bites, Skin irritations’ and Other Boo-boos Placing your “Reiki hands” on or near the problem site and offering energy or sending distant healing to the person or yourself will also work. I have burnt my finger or wrist while cooking many times and Reiki always reduces the severity of the burn. Also great for scrapped knees and other little boo boos.Muscle Strains, Sprains, Pulls and Injuries Place your “Reiki hands” on the affected site as soon as possible and it will bring relief to the injury. Distance healing will also work very well.Computers and Electronic EquipmentSay a prayer and send the device Reiki with a symbol. I have had some interesting results trying this, usually as a last result.Car Batteries, Gas mileage and Oh Please Don’t Die on Me Yet!!!Both Dawn and I drove older cars for many years I had a 1987 Chevette I drove until 2014 and she had a 2005 Sunfire that she drove until 2017. There were many times I sent energy to the battery in hopes it would start and it did or prayed as I sent Reiki to the car to get us to the gas station and it did. I have been stranded on the side of the road when a solution of how to fix the car has come to me as I was praying and giving it Reiki. We have soooo many car stories I think we will have to write an article just on Reiki and our cars!Learning and StudyingGive Reiki to course materials physically hold materials or send distance Reiki to them. Before starting practice self Reiki and take breaks to practice self healing you will retain more of the knowledge and experience a better understanding and be more focused.Creativity and Problem SolvingSend Reiki to the project or situation and allow new ideas to come to you whether they are spontaneous thoughts or something you see in the media or hear while you are out shopping or from someone who comes to you with them. Just be open.We have found over the years that we tend to use Reiki in one way or another in almost everything we do. This is what we share with our students as we help them discover the ways of Reiki. There are too many uses to list. We hope this gives you an idea of what Reiki is used for outside of Healing.